hi everyone. sad to be here but glad to have the community! i lost my dad on january 14th of this year after he fought a hard battle against lung cancer. he was — and still is — my best friend, my rock, my hero and the reason i’m still alive. losing him was the hardest experience i’ve ever had. i had to drive almost 6 hours to do so, but i was with him when he passed and was able to hold his hand through his transition. i so desperately wish i had a different last memory of him but i’m glad he wasn’t alone, and that i was with him. this has been and continues to be the hardest thing i’ve had to do. i never wanted to know a world without him, and now having to accept that reality at 24 really fucking sucks. i know he wouldn’t want me to be sad or upset and that he’d want me to live for him, but it’s hard when living gets tough and he’s in an urn in my kitchen instead of on the other end of the phone. i’ve put some pictures of my sweet old man so maybe he can brighten your day like he does mine ♥️ the last one is his handwriting in his signature phrase that i got tattooed about a week after he passed

Posted by whatsupdoc at 2022-06-03 00:49:21 UTC