I’m 24 and I lost my dad January 26, 2022. He died from a heart attack at home after his diagnosis of congestive heart failure 3 years prior. He truly was my best friend and my rock. I had a pretty poor relationship with my mother growing up so he played the role of both parents for me and his loss is devastating. I just feel so lost without him. I have also been living in survival mode my whole life and have no sense of self due to this. So I’m also on a path of self-discovery. I also lost my job when my dad passed away. His death put a lot in perspective for me and I realized how unhappy I am in my career field. So I’m also trying to navigate a career change as well. I’m lucky to have a very supportive partner who giving me the all the time I need to figure this out. I guess I’m just trying to connect with people who can relate to losing a parent, especially with people around my own age. Nobody I know in my personal life have ever lost someone so important in their lives, so I just feel very isolated, alone, and misunderstood. Thanks for reading! 💕 P.S. I copied this post from other posting I’ve h made in other groups. I just don’t have the energy to type this all out multiple times..

Posted by Kaelyn.Rae at 2022-06-02 23:53:17 UTC