Can't believe its been almost 6 months already since you've been gone. My love for you has never dies. So many things I wish I could have said, would have done . 5 years wasn't enough time with you. Even through our long distance relationship, we spoke every single day and I felt so safe and secure talking to you. You used to tell me how your diabetes scared many women away and didn't want to be with you. I knew you was sick and I was honored to be there with you and bring you joy again. That one day when I didn't speak to you for 3 days I knew you was in the hospital. I called every hospital in Memphis looking for you! We laughed about how the nurse said your wife called but I swear I never even gave her my name or anything. Lol that was funny. Imma miss those late night phone calls, listeningto you rap, you listening to me sing even though I sucked at it, your baby talk thru text, the video calls that you hated because you didn't like seeing yourself on camera lol I would bug you about getting a picture with a smile. Your family knew how much you cared for me. They could tell in your actions. You helped me in so many ways possible. Be a better woman, feel what real love is.. You were there for me when my sister passed just 2 months before you. The grieving process is so overwhelming at times. God, I'm sooooo glad I made that 16 hour trip to come see you. Those couple of days were the best days of my life!! I know you're watching over me, you see me crying and you hated when I cry. I try not to but it's so hard boo baby. I miss you so much. I promise I will come visit you before the year is over and I'm so sorry your life was cut short. We knew this day would come but how do we prepare for this? #fckDiabetes !! I'd give you anything to keep you alive. No man could EVER take your place. I'm scared that I'll never feel that love again. You're all I ever needed and asked for in life. Rest in Peace. #always&forever

Posted by niclo at 2022-06-02 11:46:25 UTC