Hi everyone my name is Michelle and I lost my mom in February of 2022 to covid. She was the center of my life and her loss has been extremely difficult on me. She was diagnosed in 2017 with a lung disease that we for sure didn’t know what direction her health was going to go at the time but we worked through these last 5 years getting her back on her feet and she was thriving regardless of her illness. We ended up getting covid and although my mom, the fighter that she was, fought and overcame covid with her condition she didn’t have anymore fight left in her afterwards. I was unable to be by her side the entire month she spent in the hospital only up until the end and watching her take her last breath was traumatic, I miss her so incredibly it hurts so much. She loved her grandson so much who will never know her and that breaks my heart (he will be 2 in June). I find it hard to be around my family or talk to them because grief has me all over the place and they just don’t understand or get me. We were incredibly close and my heart is broken.

Posted by michelleali1017 at 2022-06-02 10:42:03 UTC