Hi all, my father passed 5/24/23 at 63 from heart failure. My mom, brother and I had a complex relationship with him for many years. My mom and fathers marriage was bad but they just stayed together for 36 years due to financial reasons and health issues. In March my brother and I finally fully forgave him. I had a turbulent relationship with him. I had that time in March to May to tell him I forgave and loved him. But even till today I still struggle with his death. I know he survived for 9.5 years with the disease but part of me just regrets all the time wasted in anger with him. But we took care of him and lived in one house. I guess I live with guilt of how broken our family was. I try to focus on a few good memories but it’s a struggle the process of grief. Praying for all of us in this forum. God bless. My faith is what helps me but there are days I struggle.

Posted by stephaniep at 2023-07-20 23:04:03 UTC