Hi I actually speek german, so sorry if my english is not that good! I've lost my grandmother on the 27. August 21. She was lika a mother to me and my biggest fan and supporter. She was so wise and had many good advice and empathy for me. I can't even describe how important she was to me. I still do not emotionally understand that she is dead, that she will nerver ever come back, that I could nerver ever ask her anything anymore. As she got diagnosed with cancer in june, I could not handle it. I was so sad and overwhelmed but could not help myself or her. She called me a lot during this time, because she knew, that I was having a hard time anyway. Thinking of this makes me so sad, because even in her hardest time, she was thinking of me. And of corse I was always thinking of her!❤️ I miss her so much and every time her loss starts even the slightest bit to feel real of when I feel more connected to her, I automaticly start so search new ways to feel even more close to her- but there is no endgoal here, I will never get the feeling of she beeing alive back, I will never ever be able to fill this big whole with her love, like when she was alive.

Posted by janine_cascada at 2022-06-02 02:52:11 UTC