I recently joined: I have been struggling with grief for quite some time. I lost my dad in 2020 to COVID. He was in India and I was completing my master's in US and I was always very worried about the situation back in India. And my worst fears came true. I never got to see him and before he was moved to ICU, I couldn't get to talk to him due to the time zone difference so I sent him a message and I always wonder if he got to see it. Every night we would get a call from the nurse who would let us see him for a minute and that night around 11 pm I got to see him and around 4 am my friend came to my room to break the news. I still get frightened from that thought that I might have to relive it, everytime I fall asleep. It's going to be almost two years and I still wake up with a longing that never goes away. I am hoping to get some help from this group. Thank you

Posted by Kritika17 at 2022-06-01 19:46:23 UTC