Hi there , decided to download the app and give this a go. My mum passed away unexpectedly on the 10th of January this year. She was only 54 and never even knew she was sick or seen it coming. I called in after work and she was in her bed giving out about a cough but wouldn’t go see a doctor and said she was fine so I went home. Later I woke up around 12.30am the Garda calling me saying they are in my mums house she called 911 saying she couldn’t breath and they had to break in and are with her now if I would come over . By the time I got there there was a few paramedics and Garda around , they told me she had died and couldn’t do anything to help her. I have been waiting 5 months to find out what happened and got an email last night to tell me it was a blood clot in her lung , turned out she had a large tumour in her colon. Every day I can’t stop thinking about her , wanting to call her and ask her stupid things or tell her what’s going on with everyone. I can’t stop thinking about what would of happened if I stayed that night would I have been able to save her , or if I insisted on taking her to a doctor or hospital would she still be with me now. I don’t feel like seeing any of my friends, I hate going out and seeing people so happy makes me feel so alone and empty. I can never stop thinking about her sometimes I forget and try to call her. My family are so supportive but I feel so alone it hurts so much

Posted by lauren1 at 2022-05-31 17:49:05 UTC