Hi everyone, I today joined this app after a really emotional psychotherapy session today, with a counsellor provided via the hospice that cared for my utterly cherished Dad, in the last 3 weeks of his life. Dad had a seizure on the 9th Nov last year, within two weeks we were given the devastating diagnosis that Dad had brain metastasis and a primary tumour in his lung. Dad fought so bravely through radiotherapy targeted at his brain and infusion chemotherapy, but sadly his poor body was destroyed by cancer and treatment was stopped in February. Dad passed away on 6th March this year. I’ve never ever felt pain like the grief I’m consumed by, everyday I want to pick up the phone to call Dad, everyday I miss Dad more, everyday I have visions of the traumatic end of life decline in Dad physically in his body and mind. Everyday memories of my dearly loved Dad are painful as I just want to make so many more memories with Dad. My heart goes out to everyone experiencing the devastating loss of a loved one 💔

Posted by joannawatts03 at 2022-05-31 15:59:11 UTC