Hi everyone i'm new here, and i am not sure how to do this.... i lost my father 2 years ago due to a sudden epileptic attack but it still feels like it just happend like few Months ago , its been very difficult dealing with this and now all of a sudden i have so much more responsibility, because only my dad went to work and kept us financially stable.... and now me and my brother have to take care of things that we were not prepared for….in my family we dont talk about these kind of things,you know about feelings…its very cold....so i only talked with friends, but it is not the same, because they dont understand you…they think i'm fine, when i'm not. Its not easy for me to share my inner feelings. I hope I can break the habit of not speaking honestly about my grief and feelings.

Posted by Ahalya at 2022-05-30 16:47:31 UTC