This is the first birthday in at least 35 years that I won’t have gotten this text from my sister 💔 One of my favorite pictures of Carol is her at about a year old and a little fawn that the neighbors were rescuing. She was sitting in the lawn and that little fawn came up to her and just was enamored with her. Since Carol died I’ve asked her, the universe, God or whoever to show me a sign that she is OK. I was talking to my mom and my mom said she prayed this morning that I would be gifted something special. It didn’t hit me right away until I was about a mile past and I thought oh my gosh that is my sign for my sister. It was a perfect thing to see on my birthday as I was feeling sorry for myself. She sent me the perfect happy birthday text in the form of twin fawns❤️

Posted by theresalynn64 at 2022-05-29 22:35:00 UTC