Hi all, I’m Becky. I lost my brother, Sam on Nov 20, 2012 (two days before Thanksgiving). Sam was born with muscular dystrophy and while it made some things more challenging, he never let that stop him. He died unexpectedly in his car when he was leaving fork for the day to drive home to pack up and then meet my parents at a beach house we were all going to for the holiday weekend. My mom called me at work to tell me he died. I remember the pain and emotions I felt when she said the words, and when I think about them now I can sort of still feel that pain. I’m still a little angry that he’s dead while so many awful people are alive. He was the purest soul. Even at 42, life feels off because my only sibling is gone. Life isn’t fair.

Posted by bexisrad at 2022-05-27 14:11:20 UTC