I am not sure where I fit now. My father passed 23523, suddenly and peacefully. What makes it complicated is my non existant relationship with my younger brother, hes not that young 50 this year. He said some dreadful things to me this week, really dreadful even for him.. Thats kind of normal but without my partner who passed 22422 and my mom who passed 30518 its horrible. I will have to deal with him through planning and organising everything. Our father wants to go home and at least my brother agrees but still wants 2 masses here and when i said i cant fly, he was happy that i get a ferry and travel all those many hours. He has never done anything or tried, its all words and too late. The worst and hardest for me is living without my boyfriend. I know I havent grieved for mum and i know this is shock for my father. Though relief he went quickly because they said maybe weeks and he was so frail and that wouldnt have been right for him. Thankyou for reading and Untangle giving me the space to write my thoughts ❤

Posted by paula at 2023-05-25 11:23:29 UTC