Hi everyone, I’m layali I’m not quite new to this platform . I was just waiting to feel ready to share my story with you’ll. I’m the last born to my very amazing parents Our family has been through a lot in general but mom’s breast cancer diagnosis is by far what tore us apart. My beautiful mom went through it, she never gave up she fought back times and again and was finally cancer free but our joy was very brief, 2 months later her physician said that her cancer has metastasized to 3 different lobes of her brain and no one ever mentioned it to me, they say it was her request [ that i shouldn’t know about it so I don’t get upset or worried] she soon began to deteriorate and was admitted to the icu . 20 days later on dec 20th 2017 she departed from my world and sight but never from heart While my mom was in the icu my eldest sister too got diagnosed with a rare cancer [ sarcoma of the pectoralis muscle ] she was so young, so ambitious, so pretty. She was everything i ever wanted to be . I was the one who accompanied her to the appointment to hear this shattering news, my world and her’s were falling apart . My sister was so strong but unfortunately even after surgeries, chemo and what not Her tumor kept growing in size rapidly til one day it rendered her to bed. Her tumor was so massive I can’t describe it neither can you imagine. I felt so small and helpless to her pain . After fighting for one year and 3 months my beautiful sister passed to accompany my mom on 19th march 2019 . ' The years that followed i used my grief and agony as a fuel, I organized and hosted breast cancer awareness events, leveled up on every other aspect of my life [ because i isolated myself] . I grew closer to my dad since only we remained back at home together i became his mother . He suddenly fell sick and it later appeared that he had a stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the sigmoid colon [ another knife through my heart] this time i was older i knew enough about cancer and I didn’t expect a miracle or something so i just sticked to him , my love passed away 5 months later On 26 December 2021 Just like that CANCER plundered my favorite people from me before i even turn 20 Now my back is to the wall and pain has aged me How do i welcome a chapter that I’m not ready for? A moment that changes everything . How do i let go of old definitions ? No longer pull joy from same things No longer feel the world around How do i stand on my legs again? Learn to love with a heart that is intimate with pain How do i accept that life is always moving and nothing remains the same? All three shall live forever in my mind and heart, for as much as I’m a part of them . they are a part of me I’m beyond pleased to have found a community that i could relate to, rooting for each and every single one of you ❤️

Posted by layali at 2022-05-26 09:52:53 UTC