Hi my names Skarlet. I’m 17 years old about to be 18 on August 5th. My grandpas birthday is August 3rd. My grandpa died May 3, 2022 we took him off life support. May 2nd I came home from work to fire trucks, cop cars and paramedics. I came home to them doing Cpr on my grandpa. My best-friend though i didn’t act like it all the time. The man who raised me. my real dad was never physically in my life. This was the man who was there for me when both my parents weren’t along with my grandma. It still feels unreal. I just can’t imagine it being a year or even 3 months or even 6 months without him. I’ve never lost someone before in my life. I don’t like this feeling of pain. He was suppose to see me turn 18. There was so much left we were suppose to do. It was all unexpected, everyday feels like a blur. He was only 62. This wasn’t suppose to happen. Part of me wants to delete this app and just go back to pretending none of this is real with the painful days, some minutes are easy but in reality it’s all fucking hard. I don’t want to turn 18 if he isn’t going to be here. I don’t want sympathy I don’t want to be told everything’s going to be okay because it never will be. This is all new to me. Why did I get the first half of my life with him and now have to live the rest without him??

Posted by sk4rf4ce at 2022-05-26 02:16:18 UTC