Hi everyone! I’m Amie and I really don’t know where to start so I’ll just let it flow...I feel like my life has been a series of losses starting with all my grandparents before even graduating high school, my uncle to suicide, a friend to a drunk driver in college, my sister-in-law to addiction in 2014, my cat who is like a child in 2020, grandmother-in-law to COVID in Feb 2021, friend to liver disease in May 2021, which was also when my mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, and my sister and I cared for her until she passed away just three months later in July and then my dad passed away this past March of cirrhosis. I think losing my mom is the one having the most impact on me but I can feel the heaviness of all of them. I’m looking forward to a safe space and outlet here and sharing love with all of you.

Posted by Amie at 2022-05-25 18:57:37 UTC