Why are some people so insensitive? Someone who I thought was a friend called me I could not take the call as I had just got home from a very emotional counselling session and not in a good frame of mine mentally or emotionally, I messaged the individual saying I could not talk due to the very emotional counselling session I had and did not want to speak to anyone this was the response I got which left me speechless as I did not expect it. "That is no excuse for your behavior" Honestly when I read that I was so angry as this same individual said to me after the celebration of my husband's life "you can now move on and get on with your life" REALLY!!! I tryed to discuss how I felt after reading that message and was told "that is no excuse and you don't treat people like that" I literally exploded on this person this individual has said other insensitive things which I tried to ignore after the death of my beloveded I could not hold it in any longer. I have now made a decision to keep a distance from this person because I am tired of the negativity this individual has tried and still tries to bring. One thing I have discovered 9months after my beloveded passed I will snap at inventive negative people and what they say which I have never done before and honestly I don't care all I say is "tuff if you can't handle it leave me alone cause I don't need negative people around me I need positive people around me during this traumatic time in my life" Was I wrong in expressing how disappointed and hurt I felt when I got that response from this induvidual?

Posted by cynthia458 at 2022-05-25 07:55:37 UTC