Hi, I'm Elizabeth came across this app on Instagram. I lost my mam on the 6th of May to cancer. She was diagnosed only 10 months ago. She had breast cancer 10 years ago and beat it but it came back and it was incredibly aggressive - came back in her bones and lungs. We were told she only had a few months left only 3 weeks before her death and I feel so robbed 💔 How did it go from a few months to 3 weeks 💔 My 3 sisters and I had been caring for my mam up until the end and it was so tough seeing her slowly getting weaker and sicker.. it's not something anyone or anything can ever prepare you for never mind the loss itself. Hoping to find some solace talking to some people here ❤️ Love to you all, you are all so brave posting here and I already feel better reading some of them ❤️ Xx

Posted by elizabethgelera at 2022-05-24 14:24:08 UTC