Hi, I've just started here . I lost my soul friend in March , diagnosed with lung cancer 23rd December 2021. She told no one untill the new year for fear of spoiling the holidays. Less than 3 months she was gone. We don't live near each other so no chance to say goodbye as it was so quick. She was in hospital as she was dehydrated and not reacting to well to the chemotherapy. This was Sunday and she passed on the Thursday. I knew something was wrong we messaged each other every day, after 2 days of no contact her sister came on and told me. I was on the bus and as I shouted NO I burst into tears , everyone on the bus was looking yet no one asked if I was OK (I wasnt) The main problem is we never physically met. Yep. We met in a mental health group and we just clicked, looked after each other, she knew everything, I trusted her , but things kept getting in the way of meeting, family issues, illness the covid . I had planned and booked etc to go and meet her 2nd week April. I couldn't go earlier as I had important hospital appointments. I did go to her funeral met her wonderful sister who said she was always talking about me. I placed my carnation upon her coffin touched each side as in giving her a hug. It was the closest we had got to each other. I'm crying now my soulmate friend has gone , left me with too many emotions and feelings they are hard to process. I'm OK if any of you have questions for me. Thanks for reading

Posted by Debs at 2022-05-23 16:16:23 UTC