Hi,i am Wilma and i lost my husband on 24/3/2020,the first day of lockdown.It was 12 weeks before our Golden Wedding and i had to grieve completely alone for 12 weeks.He had suffered from an extremely rare autoimmune illness,vasculitis,for 6 years and he fought it bravely.There is no cure but it can be managed, so for 6 years i organised hospital visits 35 miles away,sometimes weekly,ordered all his meds, made sure he took them all.Then ,out of the blue in August 2019 he was diagnosed with lung cancer which was too far advanced for treatment so it was just palliative care.Again he never complained and fought hard, but i struggled with anger at why he was given another battle to fight.He was good hard working man who never hurt anyone and would help anyone he could.I am still angry and so lonely and crying every day.i am just not copings thought it would get easier but i think it is getting worse.

Posted by wilma at 2022-05-23 14:26:15 UTC