Four years since losing my much loved husband to terminal Cancer and nursing him for over three years. Despite us both agreeing not to have assisted dying ,he was given End of life so called care, I was a n experienced qualified Nurse and was so angry this was done. The result being I developed agoraphobia which I have now had for over four years, and am only now getting help with. They tell me if I'd P.T. S.D. With the trauma. The result being my grief has been really traumatic, like being imprisoned in my home, not being able to go out on my own beyond the gate, or mix with people and endless days spent in bed where I feel safe. I have cried floods of tears enough to fill a river, and my heart feels broken. I am trying to move forward but it's so hard, when your whole world seems to have been torn apart. Is anyone out there feeling the same way? Co vid restrictions didn't help and watching the awful news in Ukraine is also distressing, so mentally it hasn't helped me to heal.

Posted by jeannesyk4 at 2022-04-08 10:40:27 UTC