Hi, I'm new here my 23yr son died on 28th January 2022, the police said it was suicide, I'm not convinced that it was, he had a lot of plates and alcohol in his system, he was seen on a dual carriageway, the police were called, as that call was in progress my son was hit by a car, then another and potentially a third car, they said after viewing dash cam footage that my son was standing not moving as he was hit by the cars, myself and his brothers know that he wouldn't knowingly stand in front of many cars waiting to be hit, we think he had been trying to cross the road and was startled like a deer in headlights by car horns. If it had been planned suicide he would have left me a note knowing that my mum passed away in January 19 years ago. It had been more than 6 months before his death that I had seen him, he was living in Scotland with a family friend. I am more than heart broken, devastated, hollow, and empty. People tell me I am brave and strong, they don't see me during the night when no one is around, I wake up crying most nights, I'd give anything to have one more hug, and hear his infectious laugh one more time 😢💔

Posted by sherrielou54 at 2022-05-20 17:22:20 UTC