I’ve decided to answer no when people ask if I have siblings as a small talk starter. It’s not even worth it. I lost my first brother when I was 14 and he was 16 in 2005. He was my best friend and we shared the same friend group…. He was murdered , stabbed , missing for 2 days then we were finally able to identify him at the morgue. His murderer did 14 years and got out. He’s living his life somewhere and I won’t even dare considering trying to find out where. My other brother passed away 6 months after my father died of cancer in 2013. My brother died of a drug overdose, a heart attack due to cocaine. He was found by one of the guys he used to hang out at the bar with after they got worried cuz he hadn’t showed up for his every night routine. We had a very complicated relationship as it was because he molested me from aged about 7-12 as he was 13 years older than me. Actually, 12.5 to the day. I used to get half a cupcake on his birthday. Haha. I also witnessed the direct aftermath of my ex boyfriend of 7 years 21 year old little sister pass away of a fentanyl overdose, where I was there with him on the floor next to her dead body and the party favors she was picking up for her her sons second birthday party at his nursery school hugging her and begging her to come back as we waited for the police to come zip her up in a black bag and take her body out of her sisters room and again f to the morgue nd funeral home.

Posted by popdukesineedyou at 2023-03-28 03:02:58 UTC