Hi everyone, my name is Marcella. I lost my dad in January due to cardiac arrest a few days after a surgery where his cancer had successfully been removed. He was 74 and quite fit for his age, so we didn’t expect to lose him like this at all. When my mum called me, my first thought was that there must have been some mistake, that they had confused him with someone else. After all, everything was supposed to get better now. The last months have been hard for us. My mum and I are coping but it still hurts almost everyday. Now that some time has passed, no one asks me about him anymore, which often leaves me with no one to turn to. This feeling of loneliness is probably the worst of it, so I’m glad to find like minded people here. 🖤

Posted by eratia13 at 2022-05-19 15:33:41 UTC