We’ve discovered some scammers in the community. They’re reaching out to people via Connection request and are attempting to find out information from them. This is really upsetting for the team as we’ve worked so hard to create a safe haven for you all to talk openly about your feelings. We’re working day and night to stop these people in their tracks. If you receive any Connection Requests that don't seem right to you, please let us know. Your messages will be treated in the strictest confidence. DM myself or Emma and we will deactivate their account immediately. You can also report them by clicking on their profile and clicking on the three spots (see attached pic). We're grateful to the community members who have let us know about scammers as they're helping to keep this special place safe. The Untangle Team x

Posted by Fae @ Untangle at 2022-05-19 11:03:17 UTC