Hello all! I’m new here and thought it would be a good place to feel included. I lost my mum this January to cancer and since then I have completely lost myself. I’m quite an insecure person but I was always proud to be my mum’s daughter. Now that’s she gone I feel like I’m nothing, I find myself waking up everyday with no purpose and asking myself, who am I? I’m the youngest of seven and my siblings were so good when mum passed and we all seemed to be in the same grief boat. Now months have passed and I feel like I’m stuck in this black hole and the others have managed to pull themselves out. I often get this image that they are staring down at me waiting for me to snap out of it and crawl out the hole and it frustrates me so much! Tomorrow is my mum’s Birthday and the pain in surreal. My mum was my best friend and her Birthday was my favourite time of the year. We’d always be out celebrating, the whole of May I’d be running around planning and getting little funny gifts for her. This week is so hard for me and I just wanted to write out all what I’ve feeling and maybe get some advice from others who have celebrated Birthdays once they have passed. Appreciate any kind words and sending lots of love to those in the world of grief ❤️

Posted by emmilyyy at 2022-05-18 07:23:04 UTC