I lost my grandfather just over 4months now a week after Christmas ago now and it was a really awful shock to us all. I was about to join the RN with an entry date for February which had to be deferred to an unspecified date, as I erupted in hives and my father who was just recovering from covid (we all had mild symptoms) suffered the worst of all as we think the shock and stress of it induced long covid in him and he’s only just been able to return to full time work duties as of the end of April. However theworst affected of all of us is my grandmother married to him for 60 years and She is in a really bad way. She has taken to drinking heavily to help sleep and cope with the day (no shocker for being Irish) but this is having a massively negative impact on us who’re acting as her primary carers. Her sister has spoken to us about her drinking habits and we’ve all tried to help but we’re at a loss as to try and help her. She’s partially sighted near enough blind pretty much and she’s becoming a dangerous hazard to herself. I’ve been to visit her in the morning and found the house stinking of burnt smoke as she blew up her microwave and recently she destroyed her tumble dryer. We need to help her but we’re not sure how to approach this issue as every time we try an intervention she dismisses it all and becomes quite upset and stubborn. Grandad did near enough everything for her since she had a hip-replacement in hospital and started losing her eye-sight a few years ago, which was a bit of a shock to us all. We knew he cared for her but not on the level we found it to be. It’s heartbreaking to see gran go downhill so badly but she isn’t keen on accepting help from us or anyone else for that matter and we’re all at a loss as to what to do to get her the help she needs. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Posted by southamjames at 2022-05-17 10:11:44 UTC