Hello fellow grieving friends/ family I lost both my parents to Covid 19 before Christmas 2021 2 weeks apart. It was awful double loss they weren’t I’ll before it was just so shocking everything that they say about covid is true and more. Sadly my mother was vulnerable as an older person. She was listening to these awful people which she believed telling her not to have the vaccine as it kills you. Etc etc. we couldn’t get her to understand so sadly they lost their lives. They we’re running their business up until they caught it. They are terribly missed it’s unbelievable and incomprehensible. But I feel so guilty as I grieve as so many people have lost their young lives devastated parents / families and other awful circumstances. It makes me feel that I shouldn’t be mourning. I wish everyone well. And hope that they can move on one day at a time. As best as they can. Some good some bad. A big warm hug and sending love to you all who are lost and grieving god bless you from a fellow grief stricken mourner x

Posted by cbowden2009 at 2022-05-16 19:33:26 UTC