Hi, my name is María Camila, I'm 22 years old and I'm grieving my partner. He passed away all of a sudden in January 10th, 2022 after texting me he will go to sleep because his body was hurting so much, he was tired and he wanted to rest... he never woke up, now he's eternally resting in peace. His last text message was "I love you" ❤️ I feel lost, incomplete, confused, frustrated, unloved, unheard, not understood, lonely, unappreciated, hopeless, unhappy, exhausted, not validated, insecure, not supported, sad, empty since he passed away. The love of my life died and a big part of me left with him too. I'm sending love to everyone else who's going through the same situation and thank you for having me in this beautiful community ❤️

Posted by mariacamila at 2022-05-15 19:32:50 UTC