I lost my aunt on Christmas Day 2020. - sudden stroke 10 days earlier. I never got to say goodbye. Thing is she was a more like a mother to me and problems with her family since. Their main contact was to ask me to clear my stuff from the house 3 months later. 3 years before my brother was killed by a police vehicle (driver found guilty), 3 years prior my father died of cancer after a 2 year battle. My first memory is seeing my mother dead when she died on holiday. I was 3 1/2. My disabled sister died when I was 6. The man I fell in love with at 21 died of a brain tumour when I was 30 after a painful 2 year struggle. I feel like I have spent my life grieving and somehow I am struck by a curse. My other brother is mentally ill and I support him. Why is life so easy for some and so unrelentingly hard for others? Every grief I have takes me back to all the others and I am so bad at dealing with it! I get so angry, jealous, so depressed… it takes years to find myself again and I am so exhausted by it xx

Posted by Catherinea Shaw at 2022-05-15 18:00:00 UTC