I lost my fiance last month he had a cardiac arrest in the bath he was resuscitated but due to a delay in the responder ambulance and the first 2 paramedics not able to get him out the bath he was without oxygen for half an hour Seeing him led on the landing with all the paramedics around him he looked so vulnerable and I felt so helpless He went on to spend a week in intensive care I was with him everyday holding his hand willing him to wake up and know who I was but I was told after scans and an EEG that he wouldn't recover from the brain damage to lead any quality of life . He was taken off life support and I went back in to see him the nurses did me some hand prints and I have a lock of his hair and that's all I came out the hospital with , how can that be I don't know how I've got through each day the pain of missing him tears at my heart I visited him at the funeral directors how I found the strength to do that I will never know I just wanted him to wake up so we could go home together. This Monday 16th is his funeral I don't want the day to come 😭

Posted by jay at 2022-05-14 05:51:40 UTC