Hello my name is Laura. 30 years old. October 1 2021 was the day my sister was rushed to the hospital of cardiac arrest. For 18 days straight me and my mother went back and forth to the hospital to be there with my sister. She was pronounced brain dead on the 18th of October. Me and my mother were there by her side through the whole process of removing the hospital tubes. I held her hand and I prayed over my sister as she took her last breath. Life just hasn't been the same since my brother passed 10 years ago and now that my sister is gone I'm all my mother has left. She feels like she needs to put me in a bubble and protect me LOL a lot of days I'm happy to be here on Earth and some days I don't want to be here at all because I would rather be with my siblings and my loved ones in heaven knowing that it's a much better place up there than it is down here. I still grieve I still get upset, trying not to ask God why but it's always a question that comes to my mind. My little sister of only 25 years didn't deserve to die. My brother of 22 years didn't deserve to die. I miss them very much every day and I know that they are both up there taking care of my child that I miscarried when I was a teenager. As the New Year came in, 2022 I was happy until five days later I lost the love of my life, the man I was planning to be with forever, the man I wanted children with and wanted to marry. Not a day goes by that I don't think of them. I hope that this group can help me through my process and I hope that I can help others heal as well and I'm always here for anyone if you need to talk I'm a message away

Posted by niclo at 2022-05-13 16:29:35 UTC