I want you back I don’t care how, Whatever it takes I need you now. You should be here Where you belong, But you’re not And it’s so wrong. I tried to beg I tried to make a deal, But this isn’t the movies This is far too real. I heard the beeping stop I knew that you were gone, But still I gripped your hand Praying I was wrong. The nurse looked at me The sadness in her eyes, This just can’t be true It has to be lies. I knew in that moment Life wouldn’t be the same, Not without you here Never seeing you again. It makes my heart sad A pain I cannot bear, A haunting loneliness Knowing you’re not there. I want to scream out loud So everyone will know, It wasn’t your time to leave It wasn’t your time to go.

Posted by kaeti at 2022-05-13 16:05:31 UTC