I lost my Older Sister Karen Evelyn Cleary nee Baker in October 2000 after dying of terminal cancer that started in her breast and then malignantly spread to her bones and then to her liver. And then my Mum Evelyn Maud Baker nee Vaughan died after having a very bad fall and cracking her back (she had baker's cyst and widespread osteoarthritis anyway) and she died from double pneumonia and coronary heart disease on 13th June 2002. And my most recent Bereavement was my lovely little old 90 year old Dad Brian Gerald Baker who died from terminal kidney failure caused by a medication resistant gallbladder infection and blockage. And if that wasn't bad enough my longest standing friend Roger Wilkins died on the 13th April 2020 died aged 82 years of age from a massive heart attack and a stroke. I have had lifelong Disabilities mainly Asperger Syndrome and dyscalculia arithmetical learning Disabilities and now clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder. My beautiful sister Karen Evelyn Cleary nee Baker is succeeded by a nice 28 year old son Steven who is now my next of kin and is the only remaining member of my family. I'm only holding it together for him and my brother in law David who is remarried to Sandra his wife and Steven's step mum.

Posted by ihaveaspergersyndrome1970 at 2022-04-02 09:35:21 UTC