Coming up to a significant anniversary of the traumatic death of my first husband. Having lost my mother in October, it occurred to me that each time a new loss comes along in life, or even stressful situations, because I've never stopped long enough to grieve and process any of these losses, it was time to address my mental health issues now. I've carried all this loss around like an ever-increasing suitcase which has become heavier and heavier over time. With some medication, some talking therapy and time to grieve, I hope to be able to process it all and live the rest of what time there is left of this life, with a lighter, more joyful outlook. If anyone has any information about EMDR therapy, it's been recommended for me and I'd appreciate any feedback those who have done this might have to share.

Posted by tootsiepop17 at 2022-05-13 11:45:01 UTC