Hi my name is lindsay. On the 20th march 2022 i lost my 18 year old son. My husband and i found him, he had over dosed and was already gone but my 2 brothers still battled hard to try and bring him back. I have felt so lost and empty since that day. I stay alive for my other kids because i know that's what kaden would have wanted but im struggling so much. I cant accept he is gone forever. He was my first born and we had such a close relationship and bond. He was off drugs for 18 months and doing realy well but relapsed 11 days before he died, everything happened so fast i just cant get my head round it. The what ifs are torchering me. Im so alone in this world, none of my family or friends understand because they havnt lived through burying a child.

Posted by lmacdonald709 at 2022-05-13 11:01:46 UTC