Hi all. I lost my lovely husband, Nick on 31st March this year and I'm just heartbroken. He started having achy legs last September and by January was struggling to walk. This also spread all over his body. After lots of tests and waiting for an appointment at Sheffield Royal Hallamshire hospital, he was finally diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease on 15th March. I asked if the fact that his symptoms had moved so fast meant he didn't have long and the professor said not necessarily. He could have a year or he could have 10 years. So I hoped and prayed he would have the 10 years or more (Nick said he'll do 11!) but his breathing was already affected and he went into respiratory failure just 2 weeks later and passed away in hospital with me at his side and his parents had literally just walked into the room at the same time. 6 weeks on. I have amazing friends around me that I couldn't be without. We've just had the funeral which was everything I wanted for him. The church was packed and the vicar and funeral director both commented how unusual it was for so many people to come to the crematorium after. It just showed what an amazing man he was. He was only 51. I'm 42. We had so much planned together still. We'd been married for 4 years but together for 17. He was my whole world. I adored him and I'm completely lost without him. Like I say, I have lots of friends here for me yet I still feel so lonely as we did everything together. I feel relief that he's not suffering anymore but I just miss him so very much. I would've taken his place if I could. It just feels so unfair.

Posted by zoe.frost at 2022-05-13 09:01:31 UTC