Hi my name is Veronica. Sadly my son of 37 years hung himself on the 14th April 2022. He left behind his partner of 15 years and two beautiful sons 3 and 6. Know one knew how bad he was. I live in England and he was living in Southern Ireland. That final day the shock phone call I got I broke 💔 my heart. Had to get to Ireland very quick as he was buried on 17th April. I broke down in the church 😭 and could not stand up. 😪. I suffer severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I also don't leave my home on my own. I have all the questions as to why and why did he not talk to me or anyone. I will never know the answers. He was my baby boy who I gave life to and would have died to save his life anytime. I feel numb. In shock and crying. I don't know how to get through it. Xxxx

Posted by veronicaellingham23 at 2022-05-12 22:58:47 UTC