Hi, I'm struggling to start my life on my own. I met my partner aug 1995, and I thought everything was great until we found out in June 2017 that he was dying, we were told to enjoy Xmas as would probably be his last! We moved over 100 miles from our home to live near his family, but he didn't want them to know he was dying. So I only told his parents 2 days before he died. We separated in sept 2019, after he stabbed me and himself, he was moved to the next town and I moved into a safe house. I still cared for him while working part-time, he managed to keep going until Jan 2021. As soon as he died his parents took over everything, which I was slightly surprised as they hadn't had much time for him while he was alive. They denied me attending the funeral as family only, they emptied his flat without letting me have anything first, I was left with what no-one else wanted before it all went to a charity. I'm surprised I got through last year, I did try to end it on a few occasions but I couldn't even get that right.😁 I'm having counselling for domestic abuse, not through the NHS, I had to get it privately. I've been waiting for treatment from NHS for almost 3 years, still nothing. Every day I sit here doing nothing, I've been diagnosed with PTSD, symptoms of trauma, social anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia. I can't leave my flat on my own, but I don't know anyone in this town. Life has stopped.

Posted by mikewthomas6 at 2022-05-11 20:37:41 UTC