Next month it will be two years since I lost my Mum. I think about her every day and miss her so much. It doesn’t get any easier with time, only that I’m not crying all the time. I’ve had to be strong at times to stand up to members of my family who thought it was okay to squat in our dead Mother’s property! Some of them think that I am bad for wanting her house back! However, changing the locks and locking me and my big sister out was just cruel. It’s not something I can forgive my middle sister for her allowing this to happen. Even worse that the squatter was my brother-in-law! He’s rifled through my Mother’s possessions and listed/catalogued them and I think that’s despicable that for almost 2 years he prevented us from sorting out her possessions and it’s wrong to be locked out of the house that your Mum left to you and your sisters! I got it back but it smells of him and his fags! It makes me sad, mad and determined to rectify it! I used to live there with my Mum and it makes me so angry that because his life was and is chaotic he stopped me grieving properly! But I am bringing the light and the fresh air back in to my Mum’s house ❤️

Posted by Rozpetsit at 2022-05-11 08:38:01 UTC