Raining gently outside, Lexi dog snoring in her basket. Me tucked up under blue fleece with first coffee of the day steaming beside me.. Peaceful, quite in my soul and heart . I remember the day you asked me to marry you. It was a glorious bright sunny cold November day that day so many years ago. You blurted out 'job in Canada want to take it. Leaving 8th December, If you want to come got to be married. Won't take us single. They pay everything and provide a house. Do you want to come?' Not the most romantic proposal and I wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn't jumped in with both feet😊. Two weeks later Mr and Mrs on a flight to Canada 🍁. This was the start of 50 incredible years of laughter, tears, heartache, adventures (a lot) humungous disagreements, house moves and a lot more that make up married life. Throughout it all was the strong, unbreakable thread of our love for each other. Bound but seperate. Each living their life together. Growing careers, family and life parted us sometimes but never separated. We came together always until that fateful day when you left never to return. As in all things we had talked about each dying and made a promise that whomever was left would carry on with living. Living in hope, love and happiness. This my love is a promise I will keep. You are gone from sight but not from my love. That is still the unbreakable thread that binds us together. Unseen but always here. Apart for now until its my time to walk the path to join you.

Posted by dianna_ellson at 2022-05-11 07:55:39 UTC