It’s been… 18 years? That’s a long time to be missing someone. This year your death date came and went while I was stuck in an airport, on an airplane, and generally exhausted from work travel. I wanted to feel something more than I did but I don’t think I had the emotional bandwidth to. I’m still so exhausted by this feeling. The passing of time has made it “easier,” but often still feels like shit. I know when things in life feel settled and when I get the house to myself - I will find you in my thoughts, and I will come apart. I cherish those moments now because it feels like I can be close to you again. You forever stay so close to my heart and yet drift in and out of my thoughts when you know I can’t bear the pain. I Love you forever Jessie. See you in my dreams💛

Posted by hfsquid at 2022-05-09 15:00:07 UTC