When someone has gone, you can bring them back for just a little while by talking them into life by painting a picture with your memories and your words breathing their essence back into existence for just a few moments. When someone has gone you can see them again for a minute or two by being all the things they once were by allowing their best traits to filter through you shaping your words, your thoughts and your deeds back out into this world. When someone has gone you can feel them again for just a moment by playing their music and singing their favourite songs by giving yourself up to the notes that brought them alive once upon a time, it will again. When someone has gone you can keep a part of them alive by giving the love you had for them a forever place in your life a forever seat at your table and a glorious chapter in your book. Stories never die tell them. From ‘I Wish I Knew’

Posted by kerkelkez at 2022-05-08 07:52:37 UTC